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The Regional Quality Council (RQC)

The RQC provides a statewide forum for Ryan White (RW) service providers (within all 10 regions of NC and the transitional grant area) to work together on mutually agreed upon goals and objectives to improve the quality of care and services for persons living with HIV throughout NC. The goals of the RQC are as follows: (1) Improve the quality of HIV care and prevention in the state of North Carolina; (2) Enhance the capacity for sustained quality improvement by strengthening quality management infrastructure of RW funded and other HIV care providers; (3) Increase understanding and competency to achieve performance measurement goals and the application of quality improvement strategies at the provider and agency level; (4) Promote collaboration among all HIV prevention and care agencies and share experiences and best practices; (5)Tackle cross-cutting issues through implementation of state-wide HIV care and prevention quality improvement projects; (6) Assist RW grantees in meeting legislative and programmatic quality management requirements. In addition to these goals the RQC strives to seamlessly incorporate the active participation of consumers in all RQC activities. Consumer participation is specifically outlined in the RQC’s quality management plan, which stipulates involvement in quarterly meetings and on various work groups. Collaborative efforts of the council also include prevention agencies, those offering housing, substance use and mental health services, training agencies such as the AIDS Training & Education Center (ATEC), and disease intervention specialist (DIS).

If you are interested in joining the Regional Quality Council, contact the Administrator of your regional network using this list (PDF, 107KB).