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Indoor Environmental Quality

State Government-Owned or -Leased Buildings

The number of requests for technical support pertaining to IEQ issues in state government buildings is increasing. In order to provide a more timely and cost-effective response, the procedures below are to be followed by all state agencies requesting assistance with IEQ in state government-owned or -leased buildings.

Specific safety and health concerns/complaints related to state-owned or -leased space are to be directed to the agency's Safety and Health Director. On-site Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology (OEE) Branch support regarding IEQ issues must be requested by the Safety and Health Director of the agency.

Prior to OEE involvement, other than telephone consultation, the following documents must be completed. These tools will assist in the evaluation of IEQ concerns.

  1. Building Assessment Questionnaire - PDF / Word
  2. IEQ Room-by-Room Checklist - PDF / Word
  3. IEQ Occupant Diary - PDF / Word

The documents are to be collected and reviewed by the agency's Safety and Health Director. If the agency's Safety and Health Director needs help in interpreting the information in the documents, he/she can contact the OEE Industrial Hygiene Consultation Unit (IHCU) to help develop recommendations to correct or address the problem.

If IEQ issues or concerns persist after implementation of the agency's Safety and Health Director's recommendations, the IHCU may be contacted for further assistance. The IHCU will review all of the assessment documents, recommendations, and follow-up information to determine what, if any, additional assistance can be provided.

Contact the Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Branch.